Should be getting the Pure Art edition shipm…

Should be getting the Pure Art edition shipment in next week of my #zombie/ #fantasy/ #comedy/ #horror novel, my ornery, undead friends. And I ain’t just using those tags for the cheap exposure; this beefy little beast of a book is the start of something that has a little bit of everything, minus the drama and politics of our repulsively real world. This melting pot of dark genres is exactly what you get when you let some asshole who hates mass marketed media write his own novel. 

“You brought this preposterous construct upon yourselves, droll world! Now suffer the obnoxiousness of what you have wrought!” *insert mildly evil cackle here* 

Oh, but this pic is of the regular edition. The Pure Art edition has no title, author name, or description on the back, just the savage art created for me by my man, Lucio Parrillo. 🤓 -z