The process of soul extraction in the Hidden G…

The process of soul extraction in the Hidden Gloaming was slow, but spells were in place to ensure the captured
Slaanesh remained fast and undetected. However, a nefarious factor was also at play. Unbeknownst to her erstwhile allies, Morathi had added her own deceptive magics to the undertaking, so that the soul division was skewed slightly out of the agreed proportions, with a surfeit of spirits siphoned to Hagg Nar.

This subterfuge was subtle, but slowly, inevitably, altered the
eldritch balance that kept the Dark Prince perfectly suspended between Hysh and Ulgu, trapped between the realms of light and shadow. As the entrapped god tilted more closely to Ulgu, Slaanesh’s most faithful servants begin to catch a familiar and much longed-for scent upon the winds. More and more questing armies penetrated the Shadowlands, searching for their lost god.