Mortarch of Grief




So apparently the new Death Nighthaunt army is getting its own new female Mortarch to lead it! That’s really exciting! I’ve seen rife speculation as to who she could be, although I’ll admit I don’t rule out her being someone entirely new. Personally I might even prefer if she were someone new…but the most common guesses I’ve seen so far are;

Isabella: Grief could make sense for her in terms of missing Vlad, also could open the door to Vlad returning as a Mortarch eventually, I know he was super popular in End Times.

Khalida: The logic here is probably Neferata’s Sister and Undead but, I’ll admit, I find this one unlikely.

Aliathra: I PRAY NOT. PLEASE DON’T. ;-;

Eldyra: I can somewhat see it…she was, depending on accounts, either a vampire or a new elven goddess of death at the end…it could be interesting, though I would prefer if she was part of Tyrion’s new faction. I also just don’t know if any Aelf souls are reasonable just because none of them really got out till Tyrion and co. already grabbed them. 

Oh please god! Don’t let it be Aliathra!!!!

I’ve been writing on-and-off a story set in
AoS, it’s just fanfiction but I have a personal investment in this, and that’s
because Aliathra is basically like the main character. I’m not gonna lie, she’s
actually my favourite character from Fantasy. I can’t really explain why, there
was so little lore on her, but I think she’s really neat. So I really
don’t want to see her wasted on this. She’s worth so much more.

Aliathra has such amazing potential; the
blood of Aenarion, the daughter of Isha, the blessing of Asuryan, and the curse
of Khaine. She is so unique, I don’t want her to become just another Mortarch,
please let it be anything else!

On another note, I hope this new Mortarch
is… willingly following Nagash. I don’t want another Sylvanas Windrunner situation. I don’t want this woman to be a drooling slave to Nagash, she should have her own goals/agenda/story. Isabella would be cool, though I too would prefer an entirely new character. I
feel that AoS needs to create more of its own unique characters, rather than
keep borrowing from Fantasy. AoS seems rather lacking in characters at the
moment, so creating an entirely new one, rather than converting an old one,
seems like a much better idea to me personally.

Ohhhh! That sounds super interesting! I love Aliathra to and I’m really hoping she gets to come back! There’s so much potential in her, as you say! I’d love to read about that stuff! 🙂

Yeah I do personally feel I’d prefer the Mortarch of Grief to be a new character, and one serving Nagash voluntarily. Perhaps someone who suffered such a great tragedy in their life that they willingly accept a bargain to become Nagash’s Mortarch for a chance at revenge?

wait the banshee queen shadow in the trailer is a mortarch; neat