Orcs are big goblins who can fight

Orcs are big goblins who can fight

This brings up an important question actually. The word “orc” has a diverse etymology. Just skimming the Wikipedia page:

Old English glossaries record the word orc corresponding with Latin Orcus (deity of the Underworld), and synonymous with þyrs/ðyrs “ogre” … as well as “hell devil”.

The lexicography has been complicated by the Bosworth-Toller dictionary’s conjecture that orcneas devolved from the form *orcen possibly meaning “(?) a sea-monster,” possibly related to Icelandic: orkn (örkn).[10][11]

The Oxford English Dictionary refers to orke,
used in 1656 in a way that is reminiscent of giants and ogres. It is
presumed that ‘orke’/‘ogre’ came into English via continental fairy-tales

So it would seem that historically the name “orc” relates to more of a demonic or giant-like/ogre-like creature, or maybe even an aquatic one. As far as I can tell, Tolkien was the first to use the word to describe a goblinoid.

In World of Warcraft, the other “big influencer” when it comes to contemporary orcs, they trace their lineage back to a stone giant called Grond, calling back to the Latin and 1656 Oxford English Dictionary interpretations.

So my question is… how popular is the idea that orcs are goblinoids really?