The Idoneth Deepkin make greater use of monsters and beasts than nearly any other army of Order, making up for their limited numbers and resources with magically enslaved bond-beasts. At their smallest, these may be the bioluminescent creatures that light the undersea enclaves or the familiars that fight alongside the Isharann. At their mightiest, these could be the savage Akhelian Allopexes or even the Akhelian Leviadon.

The bonds that the Idoneth Deepkin share with their beasts is a difficult one. While the Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers may possess a deep connection with their draconic allies, the Idoneth Deepkin must magically enslave their bond-beasts using the Embailors, a specialised sect of the Isharann. In order for these magics to take hold, the creatures must be blinded, for without this measure they risk slipping their bonds and escaping in a murderous rampage. There are groups and even whole enclaves of Idoneth Deepkin who trawl the oceans for beasts to hunt and capture, with the Ghurish forces of Dhom-hain training particularly vicious specimens.

There are some exceptions – a few Ochtar, such as the familiar that fights alongside Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers, have proven loyal, as have the rare Deepmares ridden by Akhelian Kings.

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