lochingbird: “DR. RICHARDS!! I told you to ke…


“DR. RICHARDS!! I told you to keep your generic-top hat-loving caboose OUT OF MY LECTURE HALL!! And how DARE you threaten my ENTIRELY ORTHODOX CAREER CHOICES with such BLASPHEMY”

Thank you so much for the reblog @wearenecromancers! Both your name and tags inspired this little Petty-rant. She’s very touchy about the term ‘necromancy’ when used around her. It holds a deep history on her home island is is extremely frowned upon. But let’s be honest, in different home circumstances she’d be raising bodies left and right to observe how decomposition works under the effects of reanimation.


Petty, “Pardon ME dear gentleperson, I would NEVER even think to DABBLE in…Necromancy… You see what I do is organic engineering! Re-using and recycling parts that would otherwise be thrown out to rot! I’m no more of a Necromancer than a thrifty Tinker or Tailor! Organic or not, nothing should go to waste!”

Dr. Richards?, “IT’S F**KING NECROMANCY!”