Ships and Seafaring

So as I slowly build up my current fantasy world I thought I would share with you guys the general thoughts I had on how seas work in the setting. Friendly reminder that it’s far down in the Southern hemisphere; so don’t be alarmed when the further north you go the more tropical the setting seems

The major seas in regards to the setting are the three Middle Seas that separate the various major landmasses of the Setting. These could all be described as relatively calm water similar in size and temperament to the Mediterranean, so on these waters you would have ships like Galleys and Xebecs. Of course leading from these major waters are various more minor seas, major trading rivers, salt water lakes, and other major coastal features like the Adriatic and the Nile. The middle seas are also home to a variety of sea creatures; but nothing that could really threaten and cautious and adequately armed merchant vessel 

Next we have the Minor Seas, usually located around particular geographic features or a major island these seas are also relatively calm and have much the same shipping as the Middle Seas; storms can blow into them from the Major oceans of the world though, which they separate the Middle Seas from (like our North Sea for example). However they are somewhat wilder, especially in the far South and it is not uncommon to encounter pirates and smugglers on these waters often operating from tidal sea-lakes. Since these waters are open to Oceans but much calmer it is not uncommon for sea creatures to raise their young in these waters; even some of the larger ocean species which can be dangerous to shipping.

The two Oceans of the setting are of remarkably different temperament; but both are of equal danger. In the west the colder Egir ocean reaches right down to the great Ice Flats and it is not uncommon for ships to be lost to iceburgs that break off from them. As well as this it is home to regular storms, bitter winds from the south-west and constant raiding from the Lands along the edge of the lce Flats. However this colder climate means it is not home to the greatest of sea beasts; and heavily-armed merchant Galleons are able to make journeys to other distant continents for trade. The eastern Muchiri ocean is almost the opposite however; it’s is often relatively calm apart from the winter storm season where it is near impassible. The various islands merchants can stop-off on are peaceful and civilized and many powerful nations border it meaning it is heavily patrolled for pirates; mostly. However it’s warmer climates mean the long-distance trading across the ocean are perhaps even more dangerous in the west; turly colossal sea creatures make their homes in Muchiri; and it is not unheard of even for patrols of elven frigates to go missing in its waters