Heads up, Christmas carolers! It’s gonna be a …

Heads up, Christmas carolers! It’s gonna be a bloody one this holiday season! Not sure if you caught the post I shared from my main blog, but that’s what this one is for! =D So I started working on a goofy Christmas horror story last month, hoping to be able to put it out by the 25th, but it’s a lofty goal and it may do me better to wait ‘til next season, but I’m still pushing for this one. I just got the cover art back today and it’s fucking perfect for the silly, bloody, morbid tone of the novel. This is a teaser for you guys (the book’s back cover) and a taste of the story’s concept. The book is called A Christmas Carcassing and I’m about half way though with it. This shit has been a blast. It’s totally stoner-flavored (as you can see) with a couple of African-American gamer kids as my main peeps who’re entangled in seasonal gore by no choice of their own, trudging though it all while trying to hide the blood all over their frosted kicks!

Stay connected for more updates and when and where the novel will be released. I was planning on putting it on Amazon this Christmas, but if I don’t make it I’ll have time to build my own inventory and skip over the corporate sleaze bags who’d make more money than me off my own work, so we’ll see. It’d be some sort of Christmas miracle to get this bitch out this year, but you never know. I’m surprised at how fast I’ve gotten through it so far. So share this post if you’re digging it and keep you fingers crossed that I can get it done sooner rather than later.

Many thanks, horror hounds. \m/ -z