Rot Hulk – Magic the Gathering by Greg Rutkows…

Rot Hulk – Magic the Gathering
by Greg

Dying Hope by Gilberto “Soren” Zar…

Dying Hope by Gilberto
“Soren” Zaragoza


The media loves fresh faces 😁 Trippy chit from @shsadler on insta

Mictlantecuhtli by Andres Rios

Mictlantecuhtli by Andres

《山海经》冰夷 by ZHAO HUANHUA


Ghost captain by 王 建喜

Ghost captain by

O by dr4gon 5oul

O by dr4gon


This photo, tho… Am I write? Heh. Puns are the best. Seriously, tho. Decrepit walls; a decaying stairwell; shadows so thick their darkness is cold to the touch…and the incessant, frantic pecking of keys telling a story so vile the words yellow and stiffen the pages to brittle, scratchy sheets that smell of ink and age. They lie scattered over the rotting wooden casket of the floor below, blanketing the dead under it with a sick telling of their demise; a story told through the eyes of the sadistic villain who buried them there. -Clack- clackclack-clack -clackclack- clackclack… -z

Out Of Context ‘The Bone Desert’Spoiler


that was really good, reminded me of Spear of Shadows with the overall tone

these Christmas Novellas have been great

Looking forward to more Gotrek novels in AoS in the future